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The Sirciam Collection


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Sandy Shell EarringSandy Shell Earring
Sandy Shell Earring Sale priceFrom $275.00
Quilted Arrow StudQuilted Arrow Stud
Quilted Arrow Stud Sale priceFrom $225.00
Rose Cut Diamond Penta StudRose Cut Diamond Penta Stud
Rose Cut Diamond Penta Stud Sale priceFrom $550.00
Sundinian Orbit EarringSundinian Orbit Earring
Sundinian Orbit Earring Sale price$525.00
Twisty Shell EarringTwisty Shell Earring
Twisty Shell Earring Sale priceFrom $325.00
Rose Cut Diamond Binary StudRose Cut Diamond Binary Stud
Rose Cut Diamond Binary Stud Sale priceFrom $330.00
Rose Cut Diamond Ear HugRose Cut Diamond Ear Hug
Rose Cut Diamond Ear Hug Sale price$580.00
Healing Stone EarringsHealing Stone Earrings
Healing Stone Earrings Sale price$1,205.00
Rose Cut Diamond StudRose Cut Diamond Stud
Rose Cut Diamond Stud Sale priceFrom $205.00
Starlight EarringsStarlight Earrings
Starlight Earrings Sale price$495.00
Tanzanite Milgrain StudsTanzanite Milgrain Studs
Tanzanite Milgrain Studs Sale price$960.00
Melted Hoop EarringsMelted Hoop Earrings
Melted Hoop Earrings Sale price$1,125.00
Lightning Bolt StudsLightning Bolt Studs
Lightning Bolt Studs Sale price$650.00
Brilliant Diamond Ear HugBrilliant Diamond Ear Hug
Brilliant Diamond Ear Hug Sale price$565.00
Floating Diamond StudFloating Diamond Stud
Floating Diamond Stud Sale priceFrom $425.00
Short Pave Bar EarringsShort Pave Bar Earrings
Short Pave Bar Earrings Sale price$615.00
Oval Diamond Hoop EarringsOval Diamond Hoop Earrings
Oval Diamond Hoop Earrings Sale price$2,375.00
Moon Magic EarringsMoon Magic Earrings
Moon Magic Earrings Sale price$2,295.00
Moonstone Slice EarringsMoonstone Slice Earrings
Moonstone Slice Earrings Sale price$2,925.00
Star Hoop EarringsStar Hoop Earrings
Star Hoop Earrings Sale price$1,245.00
Crescent Moon StudsCrescent Moon Studs
Crescent Moon Studs Sale price$375.00
Peach Topaz Milgrain StudsPeach Topaz Milgrain Studs
Peach Topaz Milgrain Studs Sale price$880.00
Tiny Diamond Chained EarringsTiny Diamond Chained Earrings
Rose Cut Diamond EarringsRose Cut Diamond Earrings
Rose Cut Diamond Earrings Sale price$2,925.00
Astral Drop EarringsAstral Drop Earrings
Astral Drop Earrings Sale price$2,980.00
Moonstone Burst EarringsMoonstone Burst Earrings
Moonstone Burst Earrings Sale price$2,500.00
Teeny Diamond Chained EarringsTeeny Diamond Chained Earrings
Blue Tourmaline Drop EarringsBlue Tourmaline Drop Earrings
Blue Tourmaline Drop Earrings Sale price$2,475.00
Pave Bar EarringsPave Bar Earrings
Pave Bar Earrings Sale price$605.00
Big Dipper Moon EarringsBig Dipper Moon Earrings
Big Dipper Moon Earrings Sale price$2,125.00
Aquamarine Milgrain StudsAquamarine Milgrain Studs
Aquamarine Milgrain Studs Sale price$880.00
Blue Crystal Hoop EarringBlue Crystal Hoop Earring
Blue Crystal Hoop Earring Sale priceFrom $705.00
Green Sapphire Milgrain StudsGreen Sapphire Milgrain Studs
Pink Crystal Hoop EarringPink Crystal Hoop Earring
Pink Crystal Hoop Earring Sale priceFrom $705.00
Sun Shower Drop EarringsSun Shower Drop Earrings
Sun Shower Drop Earrings Sale price$3,486.00
Topaz Milgrain StudsTopaz Milgrain Studs
Topaz Milgrain Studs Sale price$845.00
Floating Celestial Diamond EarringsFloating Celestial Diamond Earrings
Snowflake Burst EarringsSnowflake Burst Earrings
Snowflake Burst Earrings Sale price$2,750.00
Wishbone EarringsWishbone Earrings
Wishbone Earrings Sale price$1,495.00
Geometric EarringsGeometric Earrings
Geometric Earrings Sale price$1,150.00
Celestial Plate EarringsCelestial Plate Earrings
Celestial Plate Earrings Sale price$760.00
Crescent Disc EarringsCrescent Disc Earrings
Crescent Disc Earrings Sale price$610.00
Semi Black Dark Rainbow Flash Opal EarringsSemi Black Dark Rainbow Flash Opal Earrings